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Keeping the Rail industry on track

Transporting goods has always been one of Australia’s biggest challenges. The ever increasing need to move goods quickly and cheaply places considerable pressure on the rail industry. Calbah’s rail industry engineering products are designed to improve safety as well as save time and money.

In 20 years of working closely with the rail industry, Calbah’s extensive design and customising capability delivers effective products to the rail industry including:

  • Mobile aluminium gantries
  • Bogie wheel disk splitters
  • Lifting tables
  • Remote controlled lifting traversers
  • Mobile and fixed gantries

The vastness of the Australian landscape means a product failure represents a massive challenge to repair. Calbah’s deep rail industry knowledge makes sure that all of its products help keep trains moving safely and efficiently.

Transversing Platform

Battery Operated Transversing Platform 6 Direction

Aluminium Mobile Gantry

Aluminium Mobile Gantry Platform for servicing trains

Compactable Platform

Aluminium Compactable Platform

Aluminium Access Platforms

Aluminium Access Platforms for safe access for Train Servicing

Lowprofile Lift Table

Low Height Hydraulic Lift Table for Rail Industry

Engine Mobile Lift Table

Hydraulically operated lift Table for

Aluminium Flipping Stair

Special Designed Aluminium Work Platform for Train Maintenance with Hinged platform section

Aircon Stillages

Air Conditioning Stillages for Train Carriages

Radiator Stillages

2D Drawings & 3D Modelling capability

Traction Engine Stillages

Train Traction Engine Stillage for transporting Train Engines

Rotomax Retaining Structure

Rotomax Components

Filter Trolley

Filter Trolley for Train Maintenance

Side Window Change Table

Special Jig for Replacing Train Windows

Break Pad Dump Box

Worn Brake Pad Hopper for safe handling and empty mechanism.

Drive Hub Bearing Jig

Drive Hub Bearing Removable Jig

Elevating Mobile Platform

Elevating Platform for Access Under Trains and removal of heavy components.

Elevating Platform

Elevating Platform Traversing on Rails 4 Directional

3.5 Ton Mobile Scissors

Calbah Designed and Manufactured Mobile Scissor Lift Table with 3.5t capacity

AC Lifting Frame

Train Air Conditioning Lifting Jig

Bogey Compression Frame

Bogey Compression Frame and Services Gantry

Tail Shaft Removal Jig

Train Tail Shaft Removal Jig for Train

Calbah Safety Barrier Continuous

Calbah Designed Safety Gates. Approved by Worksafe Victoria and installed in most Train & Tram Maintenance Depots

Rail Maintenance Equipment

Specialist Rail Maintenance Equipment

Train Engine Removal Traverser

Drive unit being loaded onto the Traverser before being moved under the train and lifted into position

Train Equipment Jig

Removal Jig for Train Roof Maintenance

Multi Level Maintenance Platform

Multi level Platform for safe access and maintenance to train at all levels

Calbah Safety Barrier

Removable Safety Gates on wheels - Recommended by WorkSafe Victoria for train and Tram maintenance workshops