Rail Structures

Please find some Calbah products divided by category that may be of interest. Most products that are on our website are displayed here to assist you to build an RFQ (Request For Quote). If you request a custom fabrication job, you can click the “Custom” item within each category and give your own description of the item.
WARNING: Some products are patented and cannot be replicated.

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Comes with remote controls
Certified, 20t
SIDE WINDOW CHANGE TABLE Special Jig for Replacing Train Windows
BOGEY COMPRESSION FRAME Bogey Compression Frame and Services Gantry
TRAIN EQUIPMENT JIG Removal Jig for Train Roof Maintenance
Sand HopperSKU: E27
Light PoleSKU: E43
Bike ShelterSKU: E46
Sand MachineSKU: E48
Pit CoverSKU: E49
14 TON SPREADER LIFT BEAM 14 Ton Spreader Lift Beam with Adjustable Lift Centre to Suit Centre of Gravity of Lifted Weight
BREAK PAD DUMP BOX Worn Brake Pad Hopper for safe handling and empty mechanism.
Dumping BoxSKU: E53