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Engineering mining equipment and tunnelling products

The technology and level of sophistication in the mining industry creates an ongoing need for new products that are specifically designed to match the pace of innovation.

Calbah is constantly working with many of the industry’s top companies to develop specialist mining industry engineering solutions.

Calbah has experience across the full project lifecycle from concept and design prototypes right through to fabrication and completion. The mining community has benefited from products such as:

  • Tunnel boring equipment
  • Cutter heads
  • 3 ton tipping buckets
  • Easy-to-move emergency relief chambers

We never forget the dangers of working on mine sites, especially underground, and the challenges faced if products fail to perform. Calbah knows there are no second chances deep underground and makes no apology for the fact it takes the time to ensure every product it produces will perform.

Dismantled Spray Dryer

Dismantled Spray Dryer Structure

Tunnel Boring Equipment

Launch Frame, Jib Crane, Skip Lift Boom and Rotating Skip (for Pipe Jacking Tunnel Boring Equipment)

Settlement Tanks

Three Chamber Settlement Tanks (Shown inverted)

Thrust Ring

11000kg Thrust Ring for Tunnel Jacking

Launch Cradles

Launch Cradles for Launch of 3 Metre Tunnel Boring Machine

Cement Silo

Cement Silo with Auger Drives and Dust Collector

3 Ton SWL Tipping Bucket

Tipping Bucket for Tunnelling Works

Thrust Frame

Thrust Frame with Provision for Muck Skip

Launch Ring Housing

Launch Ring Housing and Muck Skip Bogey

Disk Atomiser Housing

Disk Atomiser Housing and Duct Work

Rotary Screener

Rotary Screen for Mining

Screener Crusher

Screener Crusher and Delivery System

Multiple Diameter Formwork

Multiple Diameter Formwork (shoring 6m diameter, 18m deep)

Assembly Spray Dryer

Assembly Spray Dryer Structure Western Australia

Tripper Cart Conveyor

Tripper Cart Conveyor Sand Delivery System

Maintenance Equipment

Services Maintenance Equipment

Explosives Containers

Calbah Designed and manufactured Certified and Approved Explosives Containers

Launch Frame

Launch Frame and Tipping Muck Skip

9 Person Car

9 Person Car for Efficient Tunnel Booring Machine Access


Agitators for Mining

Lifting Equipment

51 Ton Capacity Spreader Bar for heavy Mining equipment - Designed, Manufactured, Tested and Certified by Calbah Industries

14 Ton Spreader Lift Beam

14 Ton Spreader Lift Beam with Adjustable Lift Centre to Suit Centre of Gravity of Lifted Weight

TBM Cutterhead Rebuild

Calbah Rebuilt Cutter Head for Tunnel Boring Machine

TBM Raising Deck

Special Underground Deck for Tunnel Boring Machine

4000MM Cutter Head

4000mm Cutter Head Complete Rebuild and Hard Facing

Tunnel Ribs

Tunnel Ribs for Adelaide Aqua Desalination Plant

Oil & Gas Special Tanks

Mud Tanks for Oil & Gas Industry

Tail Shin Brush Fir Out

Tunneling Cutting Edge Cylinder

Specialised Tunnelling Equipment

Tunnel Boring Machine being assembled on Calbah Launch Cradle at Wonthaggi Desalination Plant

Mining Refuge Chambers

Refuge Chambers for Hard Rock Mining

Seal Ring for Tunnel Boring Machine

Seal Ring for Tunnel Boring Machine

Tunnelling Equipment

Rubble Extraction Chute for Tunneling Operations

Tunnelling Equipment

Mud Removal Skip for Tunneling

Mining Equipment

Dust Extraction System hopper

Stainless Steel Process Vessels

Process Vessels for Chemical Industry manufactured in Stainless Steel

Refuge Chamber

Refuge Chamber for Coal Mining with Front End Loader Attachment Jig

Channel Markers

Channel Markers for Shipping

Tunnelling Equipment

Rubble hopper for Tunneling

Channel Markers

Channel Markers for Shipping

Tunnelling Equipment

Vertical Shaft Lining

Tunneling Equipment

Tunnel Mobile Work Platform

Acid tank with bund

Acid Tank with Bund for Chemical Industry

Kibbles for Tunnelling

Tunnelling Kibbles

Mining Equipment

Platform for Mining Operation

Processing Equipment

Mineral Processing Plant