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General engineering services

Calbah’s ability to design, engineer and fabricate products to deliver solutions for its clients’ challenges result in a product development capability that is literally endless.

We have developed everything from sound proof enclosures, platforms and caged ladders to bridges, ducting and jib booms. Our complex engineering projects are found in tough environments such as mining, rail, oil and gas industries.

Calbah can work from your designs or develop them for you. Many clients actively use the partnership approach Calbah takes when developing engineering solutions to further enhance the specifications and effectiveness of their products.

Our engineering solutions extend to all metals including aluminium, stainless steel and various exotic alloys.

Once built, Calbah is able to offer expert onsite installation - so you can be sure of your product’s optimum performance.

Transformer Enclosure

Transformer and switchboard built into a transportable container

Channel Markers

Channel Markers manufactured and painted to marine specifications

Spreader & Linkage Beams

Specialist lifting equipment and tooling for manufacturing trains for Australia

Platforms & Caged Ladders

Access ladders and platforms for tunnels and vertical shafts

Sound Enclosures

Mine shaft Enclosures

Cones and Developments

Base of Large Dust Collector

Screen Conveyor

Screen Conveyor and Support Platform

Material Storage

Dust Extraction System


Gas Turbine Inlet Duct


Designed, Manufactured, Installed and Commissioned bridge


Sculpture for Melbourne

Pipe Work and Fittings

High Pressure Pipe Spooling Welding


Melbourne Sculpture

Melbourne Sculpture

Melbourne Sculpture 3D Modeled and manufactured

Melbourne Sculpture

Melbourne Sculpture

Sculpture at Docklands

Scuplture Melbourne Docklands

Sculpture at Docklands #2

Melbourne Sculpture 3D Modeled and manufactured for Docklands Precinct

Aeration Distribution Fittings

Aeration Distribution Fittings Engineering

Vessel Fabrication

Vessel Fabrication Engineering

Tooling Stileages

Special Stillages for Tooling

Bike Shelter

Bike Shelters for Metro Trains

Cricket pitch cover Roller

Cricket Pitch Grass Cover Roller - place next to pic 199

Cricket Pitch Roller

Cricket Pitch Roller for laying/rolling synthetic grass - place next to pic 198

30 foot Cat Trailer

Boat Trailer design and manufacture

Vehicle Test Rollers

Vehicle test rollers

20 t Spreader Bars

Train Lifting Beams 20 Tons capacity

Bridge Beams for rail crossing

New Rail Bridge Beams

Mobile TV Screens for Public Events

Truck Mounted TV Screen for Public Events

Mine Refuge Chambers

Mining Refuge Chambers

Mining Refuge Chambers

Hard Rock Mine Refuge Chamber with Front End Loader Attachment for Underground Mine placement

Oil Rig Platform Extension

Extension to Oil & Gas Production Platform, Bass Straight

Production Plant Platform & Stairs

Galvanized Platform and Stairs

Boat Cradle

Manos Kavarnos Boat Cradle


Hopper for Tunnelling Works

Trailer Design & Manufacture

Trailer Design and Manufacture

Filtration Units

Filtration units for Oil & Gas Production

Trailer Design & Manufacture

Design and Manufacture of Special Purpose Trailer

Glass Frames

Pilkington Glass Frames

Mobile 4x4 Test Rig

Mobile 4 X 4 Test Track in Folded Position

Myki Machine Jig

Myki Ticket Machine Indtallation Jig

Melbourne Sculpture

Sculpture for Melbourne

Oil & Gas Offshore Containers

DNV OffShore Baskets for Oil & Gas

Safety Fence to Reservoir

Safety Fence to Reservoir Overflow Chute

Reservoir Safety Fence

Safety Fence designed, Engineered and Installed

Mining Equipment

Specialised equipment designed and manufactured to customer requirements

Glass Trolley

Metro Trains Glass Trolley

Tunnelling Equipment

Pressure Ring and Launch Cradle for Tunnel Boring Machine

Specialised Tunnelling Equipment

Special Tunnel Trailer

Tunnel Brackets

Tunnel Brackets for Pipes and Wiring

Filter Housing

Gas Turbine Inlet Duct Filter Housing

Mining Equipment

Specialised equipment designed and manufactured to customer requirements