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Skills & Capabilities

The skills for any design, engineering or fabrication project

Calbah is known for delivering design, engineering and specialised fabrication solutions for use even in the harshest environments.

We have also chosen to be one of the most accredited engineering firms in the sector to drive the business forward and give clients additional peace of mind.

Calbah’s list of accreditations include ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Systems, BS OHSAS 18001 - Health and Safety, AS 14001:2004 – Environment Systems and supply DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 certification for all offshore products.

The accreditations represent the World’s leading standards and each one is audited annually to ensure Calbah remains on top of the game. Calbah is preparing to fulfil the new requirements of the latest ISO9001 well in advance of its mandated implementation date.

The highly skilled team enable Calbah to offer:

  • ISO approved Project Management on and offshore
  • Practical concept design through commissioning
  • Design optimising/Drawing interrogation
  • FEA, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical, Heavy Fabrication and Spooling
  • Vast experience in specialised projects including Subsea, Tunnelling, Mining and Rail
  • Large scale machining using its 4.5m bed mill plus wide range of boring and turning machines

Put Calbah to the test with your project requirements 

Calbah’s Experience


Have you been to the Sydney Opera House? Crossed the ANZAC Bridge? Perhaps you have read signage on Melbourne’s freeways? If yes, you have benefited from Calbah’s products.

Our products are everywhere, seamlessly integrated into engineering and construction. You will find our products: 

  • deep underground (mining emergency-relief chambers)
  • deep in the sea (manifold frames for flushing and testing valuable sub-sea assets)
  • in rail yards (specialist maintenance equipment, access platforms, and locomotion servicing platforms)
  • protecting Australian workers (Calbah Safety Barrier Systems)
  • transporting your goods (open and closed offshore containers)
  • channelling your water (pipes and formwork for desalination plants in South Australia and Victoria)
  • on trains (simple jigs replacing windows) 


Our design and engineering team has been commissioned to develop and fabricate artistic scupltures. You’ll see these structures decorating freeways and corporate buildings, while our functional pieces adorn urban parklands.


At Calbah we solve problems with innovation. Our design team is genuinely enthusiastic about finding a practical solution to your engineering problem. We’re motivated by safety, productivity, and cost savings for our customers.

When, for example, we were asked to engineer a purpose-built container in which to carry extremely delicate naval equipment, we were confident we could deliver – and did.

Our solution: a fully enclosed container with a removable aluminium roof, suitable for transportation by road, air and sea, all finished and painted to a globally recognised offshore specification.


Safety has motivated some of our most clever and innovative products. Safety is integral in everything we design and engineer: 

  • Our unique safety-rail system provides a secure barrier between people and danger (such as machines, construction zones or maintenance pits) but allows controlled access for maintenance by authorised staff
  • We have purpose-built jigs and machines for the rail, mining and offshore industries, for example, our safety emergency relief chamber for the mining industry. These chambers accommodate from 4 to 20 staff. 

You can relax knowing that when it is Calbah-made, safety is our first consideration.